Florida Restaurant Insurance

Pablo Beach Insurance Group prides itself in bringing quality products and services to our restaurant clients, just as they bring quality dishes to theirs.  We look to connect you with the best coverage for your needs at the right price, ensuring we cover both property and casualty in a customized package.

Restaurant InsuranceAs resident Floridians we know about the great swings in weather and want to ensure you’re covered in case of spoiled food from a power outage, or damaged kitchen appliances from an encroaching flood.

We are here to work with you to identify these conditions and others that would result in damage and financial loss, including, but not limited to checking your lease agreement ensuring everything required is accounted.

You are busy running your business, so let us worry about making sure everything is covered.

When we went to look for Insurance on our Restaurant, Shaun Murphy of Pablo Beach Insurance was awesome. There were so many things we didn’t even think of. He was able to insure all of our needs with an exclusive package no one else even had access too.

I would highly recommend Shaun and Pablo Beach Insurance as the Restaurant Insurance experts in North Florida.

Deanna Wooten

Owner, Safe Harbor Seafood Market

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